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Central Australia sunsets are somethin’else. #nofilter  (at Boulia)

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“I am ten when my mother teaches me
how to wipe blood off my thighs.
She tells me that when our bodies turn themselves inside-out,
we use salt to get rid of the stains, bleach to whiten our teeth.
I am ten, and my mother is a towering building,
three hundred miles high, saying that
many things will get better, but never the pull of
red that starts staining my underwear –
that pain will always be there.
You are a woman, she tells me.
I am ten, and I say I do not want to be
this thin-boned, bleeding bearer of life.
I begin to envy the bloodlessness of my brother’s hipbones –
he will never have to leak from his core.
My mother says my brother doesn’t know how beautiful it is
to spit someone from himself and then hold them in his arms.
I ask if I tasted like tobacco, and she said I had been sugar cane.
I am ten, and my mother tells me it is hard to be born a woman.
But every month, I will wipe the blood off
and wash the red from my jeans.

I am ten, and a warrior, my mother says.
I was born for survival.”

—   Born Bloody | d.a.s (via backshelfpoet)

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Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt

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Matt Bomer - The Hollywood Reporter photo shoot for The Normal Heart (April 2014)

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Welcome to the glade

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